Jul 24

Managing Your Cash Flow – The Overlooked Piece of Your Financial Plan

By Tom Turner, CFP®

Did you ever wonder how people become wealthy from their own earnings? Do they earn well? Usually yes, but not always. Do they invest well? Sometimes, but many don’t. One common denominator is that they spend far less than they earn. While many of the wealthiest families in the U.S. have much of their wealth tied up in the ownership of a business, they still often spend far less than they earn in net income.* It seems they understand this basic tenet of financial planning:

Jul 24

529 Savings Plans: What Qualifies for Tax-Free Distribution?

Whether your child or grandchild is starting college now or in several years, if you are taking advantage of a 529 college savings plan, it’s important to remember which educational expenses qualify for tax-free distribution and which do not.* The IRS gives detailed guidance on qualified expenses in Publication 970. Here are a few important points.

What's Covered

• Tuition and fees are covered in full.