Apr 25

Next Step Now That Tax Season is Over: Check your Withholdings

Now that tax filing season is over, are you still just a wee bit upset that you didn’t receive a tax refund or owed more than you expected? You’re not alone. After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act became law in late 2017, tax rates for most individuals were reduced effective with the 2018 tax return filing (currently through 2025). However, it doesn’t appear that way at first glance to many recent taxpayers.

Apr 04

Our Team’s Top Tax Questions

We receive a lot of questions from clients throughout the year pertaining to taxes — which is a good thing since maintaining tax efficiency is an important part of any financial plan. In the interest of serving you well, and proactively, we thought we’d provide answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive about taxes, especially during tax return season. So here we go.

Apr 01

Seeing the Forest for the Trees — With a Cohesive Set of Financial Values

By Glen Cesari, CFP® | Wealth Advisor

The yearly ritual of Americans filing their taxes is an annual financial rite of passage. As we pour over reams of financial information, we are forced to confront the past year and our current financial situation. Often, this time of reflection has people wondering in the short term: